Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning in Central Florida

Keeping Your Furniture Fresh and Dirt-Free

Over time, dirt and debris can find their way into your furniture. Remember the last time you took the couch cushion off and saw how messy it was underneath? All that dirt and debris finds its way into the fabric of our furniture, or the upholstery. National Carpet Care in Central Florida offers affordable upholstery cleaning services. If your furniture is stained or in desperate need of TLC, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how you can clean your upholstery, and how hiring a professional can give you peace of mind.

The Best Way to Clean Upholstery

For simple stains, one of the most common methods is to use diluted vinegar on your furniture fabric. It is important to read the tags on your furniture to see what the manufacturer recommends for cleaning. Some will suggest you use a water-based detergent, while others may call for a water-free solvent. However, some stains are stubborn. In cases like these, you may want to try sprinkling cornstarch on the affected area for a half-hour before vacuuming it.

Unfortunately, some home-based treatments don’t work against even the worst of stains. This is when we recommend calling a professional like National Carpet Care in Orlando. We use a process called hot water extraction, where we can able to dig into the fibers of your furniture for a deep clean. We then use a vacuum to finish the job and leave your furniture looking and smelling fresh.

Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Orlando and Surrounding Cities

We clean a variety of household items, including:

1. Fabric couches and chairs
2. Loveseats
3. Sectional sofas
4. And more

Our team removes all signs of dirt, pet debris, hair, and food from your furniture. Our goal is to maintain the freshness of your furniture, so you can feel at peace in your home. We make the upholstery cleaning process easy so you don’t have to lift a finger.

The Difference a Professional Makes

Not everyone has time to meticulously clean the upholstery on their furniture. With all your other responsibilities, the last thing you are likely thinking about is when you’re going to vacuum the couch.

National Carpet Care offers affordable upholstery cleaning in Orlando and surrounding communities. We understand the sensitivity of different furniture fabrics and have the proper tools to clean your upholstery with ease. By hiring a professional, you can save invaluable time and frustration, while keeping your furniture in excellent condition.

By scheduling a professional upholstery cleaning, you can rest assured knowing that the furniture in your home is in good hands. We pride ourselves on having quick, efficient, and affordable upholstery cleaning services in central Florida.

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With 4 decades of experience, we know a thing or two about upholstery cleaning. From carpet stain removal to keeping your furniture as clean as it can be, National Carpet Care helps Florida residents feel more at home.

How long has it been since your upholstery was cleaned? Schedule an appointment with National Carpet Care and see what we can do for you. Contact our office directly at 407-862-2990.

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