Rug Restoration & Repair

Rug Restoration & Repair in Florida

Reverse Rug Damage and Freshen Your Home

Rugs are easily one of the focal points of a room. Unfortunately, they also take the most damage. Walking, running, and tracking in dirt and mud can all have a detrimental effect on the fabric in your rugs. Many rugs are expensive and taking proper care of them ensures they last for decades and remain as beautiful as the day you bought them.

National Carpet Care performs expert rug restoration and repair for homes in Orlando and surrounding communities. Read on to learn how we can repair and restore your rugs at an affordable price.

Why Do Rugs Need Repairing?

Rugs take a beating throughout their life. In high-traffic areas of your home, it is not uncommon for rugs to flatten over time. Even if you take care to make sure nobody wears shoes in the house, dirt, mud, and other debris will eventually find their way into the rugs. Foot traffic pushes this dirt deeper into the fibers of your rug, causing discoloration and staining.

In other cases, the stitching on rugs may come undone. If you are noticing tears or fringing on your rug, you don’t have to throw it away. Rug restoration professionals like National Carpet Care in central Florida have repair services for even the most damaged of rugs. Seeking repair and restoration services can save you money in the long run, as you will not have to replace your household rugs. Many people have a personal connection to their rugs, as they could be family heirlooms they wish to preserve.

Rugs Restorations & Repairs for Florida Homes

We can handle even the most difficult of rugs. From Oriental, fiber, to wool rugs, our team is ready to restore your rug to its original condition. Here are the types of repair services we offer for rugs in central Florida:

Color repairs: Time and heavy use can cause discoloration on a rug. National Carpet Care fixes faded or discolored carpets by re-dyeing the fabric. We take great care to ensure the original pattern and color are restored the way you desire. We also perform rug shearing, which involves removing uneven fuzz and pile to give your rug a brighter finish.

Bug damage repairs: Insects can burrow into rugs and cause catastrophic damage. This is typically the result of moths, who lay their larvae inside rugs. Not only do we perform expert vacuuming and cleaning for bug damage, but we offer mothproof rugs as well!

Reweaving: If the stitching is coming off in areas of your rug, contact National Carpet care for reweaving services. We use durable fabrics that maintain the structural integrity of your rug.

Fringe repairs: For especially fine rugs, you may want to consider fringe repairs to ensure your rug’s foundation is secure. We can replace the worn-out fringe or rebind it to reverse the damage that has already been done.

Foundation repairs: The foundation of your rug is the warp threads that are strung vertically on the loom. When the foundation experiences damage, it can be detrimental to the health of the rest of the rug. We can patch, restitch and repair your foundation so your rug can remain in highly-trafficked areas of the home.

Our Rug Restoration Process

National Carpet Care has had more than three decades to perfect our rug cleaning services. We first inspect your rug for any signs of discoloration or tears. We will listen to your concerns to better understand what your needs are. Next, we will recommend any repairs that we feel are necessary to keep your rug in fantastic shape. We clean rugs using professional-grade equipment. We use state-of-the-art technology to remove all debris, dirt, and odors from your rugs. For rug restorations, our team works by hand to perform expert restorations.

Expert Rug Restoration & Repair in Florida

Many people don’t consider rug repair as an option. Thankfully, you don’t have to let discolored or damaged rugs sit in your home. If your rugs have sentimental value, a professional restoration service like National Carpet Care in central Florida is exactly what you need. We perform repairs and restorations on all types of rugs and offer decades of industry experience.

Contact National Carpet Care for Your Cleaning Needs For more than 4 decades, we have helped homeowners in central Florida feel more at home. From expert carpet stain removal to upholstery cleaning, we have the tools to keep the fabric in your home fresh. Our team takes great care in making sure your rugs are as clean as can be. View our full list of cleaning services here, and schedule your rug restoration and repair with National Carpet Care at 407-862-2990.

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