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Professional Furniture Cleaning Services in Orlando, FL

We Can Get Your Furniture Looking like It’s Brand New

Our professional furniture cleaning services can eliminate dust, food particles, oils, and more from the furniture in your home or business. The team at National Carpet Care provides professional furniture cleaning services in the Orlando, FL area. We practice the proper cleaning methods for your furniture to leave it looking brand new again. Our 4 decades of experience make us the right choice for furniture steam cleaning and other services. Learn more about our furniture upholstery cleaning and get in touch with us for your free estimate.

Allow Us to Clean Your Furniture the Right Way

Your furniture should be the focal point of your home or office. Over time, furniture gets worn and faded from regular use and due to spills. Our team provides upholstery cleaning services to make your valuable furniture look like you just purchased it. Our services eliminate stains and refresh colors. We clean all types of upholstered furniture, including sofas, couches, sectionals, recliners, ottomans, mattresses, dining chairs, and other types of chairs, patio furniture, and more. Our team can clean your furniture in your house, apartment, townhouse, condo, or place of business. We also specialize in cleaning outdoor furniture.

The Benefits of Professional Furniture Cleaning

Cleaning your furniture isn’t a DIY job. Harsh cleaning products purchased in a store can damage your furniture even more. Our professionals have the experience and expertise to know precisely how to clean every type of furniture. You should call in our professionals if your furniture has noticeable stains, your building has poor air quality, you notice unpleasant odors or your furniture has a dull or shabby appearance. Furniture can build up to dangerous pathogens, allergens, and more over time. You likely can’t see how much dust, dirt, and other pollutants and contaminants are hiding in your furniture. The benefits of professional furniture cleaning include reducing allergy and asthma symptoms, reducing breathing issues, improving the conditioning of your upholstery, extending the lifespan of your furniture, boosting the appearance of your furniture, improving your indoor air quality, and saving you money by not needing to replace your furniture as often.

FAQ About Furniture Cleaning Services

Our customers often have questions about our furniture and carpet cleaning services. We know you have options when it comes to furniture cleaning companies, but National Carpet Care wants to educate our customers to make the right choice. We are happy to answer all your questions about cleaning old wood furniture, carpet furniture cleaning, and more. Check out the answers to some of the questions we frequently receive:

How often do I need to have my furniture cleaned?

For households with active families with children and pets, we recommend having your furniture cleaned at least once a year. If you do not have kids or pets or only live in your home part-time, you should have your furniture cleaned every two to three years.

Can you clean furniture with “dry cleaning only” tags?

Many fabrics have these tags to limit the manufacturer’s liability. Dry cleaning is not an effective method for most furniture, but our team knows how to clean it properly.

Can you remove pet urine odors from my furniture?

We can permanently remove pet urine odors and stains from your furniture, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you offer any specials or financing options?

We want to make our furniture cleaning services affordable, which is why we offer to finance and specials.

Get Your Free Furniture Cleaning Estimate

The team at National Carpet Care specializes in furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning services, and tile and grout cleaning services in Orlando. Our team will use the most effective methods to clean the furniture in your home or business so you can experience the benefits. Contact us today to learn more or get your free furniture cleaning estimate.

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