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Since 1987, the talented team at National Carpet Care Inc. has provided exceptional carpet repair and cleaning services for Orlando, FL home and business owners. Not only can we repair carpets to make them look beautiful again and extend their usage, but we offer a full range of exceptional services, including carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, pet odor removal, and much more! We have cleaned over 1.5 million homes in the Orlando area, and some of the area’s most experienced real estate agents, interior designers, and carpet professionals refer clients to our services exclusively. With 4 decades of experience, we are Orlando’s go-to cleaning company and are equipped for any type of emergency 24 hours a day. Call for more info!

Do You Need Carpet Repairs for Your Home or Business?

There are several reasons you may need professional carpet repair services. Whether your carpets have been improperly installed or your pets have damaged them, we can often repair them back to or better than their original condition. However, there are times when damage from water or fire is so significant that it’s beyond the possibility of being repaired. It makes more sense to have the carpet completely removed and replaced in those instances. Regardless of the reason you need carpet repair services, our technicians can come to check out the damages and let you know what your options are for repair. Some of the signs you need carpet repair services to include:

• Frayed and tearing seams
• Buckling and uneven surfaces
• Areas where the yarn is pulling
• Discolored spots
• Signs of improper installation

Carpet Repair Services in Orlando

How Can You Benefit from Our Carpet Repair Services?

We have seen it all when it comes to repairing carpets. Whether you have ripples in your carpet or a large stain, we can find a solution quickly and effectively. Some of the carpet repair services we offer include:
• Carpet Seam Repairs – Most homeowners aren’t aware their carpet is made of individual pieces seamed together. Even if you see a seam in your carpeting, it isn’t beyond being repaired. Our carpet seam repair service is an affordable way to restore your wall-to-wall carpet and save you from needing to replace it prematurely. We can make your seams disappear and look brand new again!

• Pet Damage Repairs – We have seen a lot of damage from pets chewing, clawing, and urinating on carpets. Whatever damages your pet has done, we can fix it.

• Carpet Patches – If there’s a particular area in your carpet that’s damaged or can’t be spots treated, such as a bleach stain or cigarette burn, our experienced technicians can remove the damaged area from the carpet and replace it with another piece of the same carpet. For the carpet patch, you will need a spare section of the same carpet, or we can take a donor patch from a closet or other hidden area in your home.

• Carpet Stretching – Carpet ripples aren’t only annoying to look at, but they can cause people in your home to trip and could be dangerous if not repaired. There could be several reasons why your carpet has wrinkles, but the most common is having them improperly installed. We use specialized tools to stretch out even the stiffest of carpets until the excess wrinkles are removed.

Why Choose Us for Carpet Repair Services

When something damages your carpet, you can count on our team of experts to find a solution. No matter what size the job is, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to provide the most outstanding service experience possible. Our talented team is committed to arriving on time, communicating with you, and serving you and your home in the most courteous manner. For great deals on carpet repair and our other services, check out our current specials! Contact us for more information about our carpet repair services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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