FAQs About Carpet Cleaning

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At National Carpet Care, Inc., we specialize in rug cleaning and carpet cleaning throughout Orlando and Central Florida. We also offer quality, professional tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, pet odor removal, and water damage and restoration services, including carpet and rug restoration and repair, stain removal, disinfectant, and water damage repair.

We want our clients to be fully informed about every step of our cleaning and disinfecting services, so we put together a list of frequently asked questions about carpet and rug cleaning. If you have further questions or want to schedule a consultation for our cleaning services, call us.

How is it possible to clean and dry my carpet in one hour?

We use a targeted, low-moisture process to clean carpets and rugs, so we’re using as little water as possible while still achieving a clean, sanitized, and deodorized rug or carpet. After cleaning, we use a vacuum to suck out as much of the water and moisture as possible, so the carpet or rug is almost dry. We then use heavy-duty fans to complete the drying process and ensure no mold, mildew growth, or musty smell.

How often should I have my carpet cleaned?

It depends on how high traffic an area your rugs or carpets are in. In general, you should schedule professional carpet cleaners every 12 months, but if you notice visible stains, dirt, grime, or foul odors, you should schedule carpet cleaning right away.

Can my rugs be cleaned in my house?

No. It is more effective for us to take your rugs to our cleaning facility to have them professionally cleaned by our rug cleaning team. National Carpet Care’s trusted rug cleaners will handle your rugs with care, cleaning them thoroughly, carefully, and with specially formulated rug cleaners that won’t damage the fibers or ruin the pattern. After deep cleaning and drying, we will return your rugs to your home and place them where you want them.

Can you remove the odor from my rug?

Yes! We use a specialized, professional-grade rug cleaning solution that is safe, non-toxic, and has a light, pleasant odor. Our rug cleaning solution removes pet odors, stains, foul smells, dirt, grime, bacteria, and other contaminants, leaving your rug smelling fresh and new.

How often should I vacuum my rug?

The frequency at which you vacuum your rug will depend on whether it’s in a high-traffic area, if you have pets and/or children, if it has experienced spills if you notice water damage or moisture, and if you see dirt and grime visible on the rug. In general, you should vacuum your rugs and carpets once per week. This prevents stains, foul odors, and contaminants that can contribute to allergies and respiratory problems.

How do you clean my tile and grout?

National Carpet Care cleans all types of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, terrazzo, and more. Our tile and grout cleaner is specially formulated to safely remove stains, dirt, oil, soap scum, grease, hair, and other build-up and contaminants with no damage to the tiles, walls, or floors. Our tile and grout cleaning process will extract dirt by removing it from deep within the pores of the grout. We will clean, restore, and protect your tile with our highly effective cleaning process. Our team uses advanced, industry-standard cleaning methods and products to deliver high-quality service that will not damage your expensive tile. If your tile floors or bathroom floors look discolored, stained, grimy, or hazy we can quickly restore them to their pristine, beautiful state.

How long does it take to clean my tile floors?

It depends on the square footage of your tile flooring, the tile material, and the soiled or damaged tiles. It typically takes around 1-2 hours, but we can give you a better estimate when we visit your home and see your flooring.

Why should I have my floors cleaned?

Having your flooring professionally cleaned not only makes your flooring look more attractive but also makes your house safer. Professional floor cleaning services remove dirt, grime, bacteria, pathogens, and other dangerous contaminants from your flooring. This can prevent the spread of disease and illness. Regularly cleaning your floors also prolongs their lifespan and makes them less likely to suffer from scratches, cracks, chips, and other damage caused by dirt and particulates.

Do you offer a protectant or stain guard for upholstery?

Yes! National Carpet Care offers stain protection for upholstery and carpeting, which creates a strong layer around fabric fibers. This acts as a shield against liquids and stain-causing materials before they can damage your upholstery, furniture, or carpet.

Why should I have my upholstered furniture cleaned?

National Carpet Care has the tools and experience to remove even the deepest of stains. Attempting to clean your upholstery yourself might cause stains to set, fabric to become discolored or faded, or toxic chemicals may present a safety hazard to you and your family and pets. We specialize in removing all types of stains from upholstery, carpeting, and rugs using safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions that smell great, won’t leave residue, don’t pose a health or safety risk, and won’t damage your fabric.

How long will it take for pet odor to go away?  

It depends on how often the pet has stained the carpet, rug, or furniture in question. Old, deeply set pet stains and odors take longer to remove because they are deep within the fibers of the material or carpeting. Cat urine is particularly hard to remove from fabric. It may take up to 24-48 hours to fully remove pet odors from the fabric. National Carpet Care uses a specially formulated, non-toxic cleaning solution that neutralizes pet odors at the source, rather than just covering them up. Our tools, equipment, pet odor removing cleaners, and experience will leave your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and furniture smelling fresh and looking as good as new.

Will it take longer for areas treated for urine to dry?

Yes. Because we use a deeper cleaning process and go under the surface of the rug, carpeting, or upholstery, it can take 48-72 hours for it to dry.

Do you repair burn holes in rugs and carpeting?

We use carpet patches to repair burn holes in rugs and carpeting. We will need a spare section of the same carpeting, or we can take a donor patch from a closet or other hidden area of your home.

Are you a licensed and insured local carpet repair company?

Yes. National Carpet Care is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

What happens if I have a flood and need assistance?

National Carpet Care offers a broad range of comprehensive services, and our highly-trained technicians are equipped for any emergency, 24 hours a day. Just call our dispatch line and our trained technicians will assist you as soon as possible.

Does the homeowner’s insurance cover flooding or water damage?

It depends on your specific insurance policy and the cause of the water damage. In general, homeowner’s insurance covers water damage that is sudden and accidental, like a water heater rupture or broken pipe. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flooding, though you can get an additional rider for flood coverage.

What disinfectant can you use on the carpet?  

You can use disinfectants specifically made for rugs, carpets, fabric, and upholstery. Check the label and packaging for information on whether the disinfectant is fabric-safe and will work for your specific carpeting material (wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, etc.) Do a spot check in an out-of-the-way area to ensure it doesn’t stain, cause color bleeding, or damage the carpeting. If you want to use all-natural disinfectants, consider white vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

How often should you disinfect your carpet?

You should typically schedule professional carpet disinfecting services around every 12-18 months, though you may want to do so more often if the carpet is in a high-traffic area or you know it has been contaminated.

If a stain occurs, how do I remove it?

It depends on what caused the stain and what material your carpet, rug, or upholstery is made of. You will likely save yourself time, money, and stress by calling National Carpet Care for professional stain removal and upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning services.

I have a hole in my rug. What should I do?

We offer professional carpet repair and rug repair services and can repair frayed and tearing seams, buckling and uneven surfaces, areas where the yarn is pulling, and discolored spots. We can also fix carpet seam damage, pet damage, holes, burns, and carpet stretching. In addition, we offer professional carpet restoration services and rug restoration services.

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